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Ptak Warsaw Expo, Nadarzyn

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Advertising during the conference


Be seen and heard – your Brand during the Meat Market! 

Tell about your Brand during an individual lecture – presentation of your Company during lectures (forum) for only PLN 2500 net; 

Place your banner – be closer to your clients during the entire Meeting: in the lecture room, in the Commercial Trade Centre rooms and in the hall of Ptak Warsaw Expo: 

  • a big format banner of your Company installed on the construction of the building – PLN 2600 net; 
  • roll-up of your Company – PLN 1000 net; 
  • pendant banner placed in the VIP zone, lecture's room or Merchant's Trade Centre - PLN 2600 net; 
  • banner placed in a banquet room (above the stage) with the information about the sponsor - PLN 2800 net;

Show your Brand on the Conference web page – monthly exposition of a banner on costs only PLN 850 net;

Be present in the promotion material – make your promotion material accessible in the folders: 

  • your leaflets – PLN 700 net; 
  • folders of your brand – PLN 1200 net; 
  • your Catalogues, Magazines and other publications – PLN 2600 net;

Be visible all the time - we offer many possibilities to promote your company: 

  • company's ad or logotype on screens broadcasting lectures in a lecture room, Merchant's Trade Centre and VIP zone - PLN 1500 net; 
  • information about Sponsor at each table in the Merchant’s Trade Centre - PLN 1500 net;
  • 2 hostesses in the Merchant's Trade Centre dressed in clothes with the company's logotype - PLN 1700 net; 
  • banquet invitation with company's name and logotype - PLN 800 net;

Select now the best promotion options for you and make the Representatives permanently aware of your brand!

Ewelina Bukmakowska shall assist you in choosing an offer which best suits your needs: 

Ewelina Bukmakowska 
Project Manager
email: ewelina.bukmakowska|| |ewelina.bukmakowska|
Mobile phone: +48 603 811 818
Phone: + 48 22 721 60 62